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Update Re: Recent Cyberbullying Attacks and a Temporary Self-Care Hiatus 

As you already probably know, there's been a slew of cyberbullying attacks on social media platforms and via e-mail notifications I've gotten from my official website here, and the fact that this person, who I've exposed to be emailing from NYC by looking up the IP addresses of each email address that he has been associated with, is a psychopathic creep who's not only attempted and failed to impersonate me, but tried to impersonate a dear friend of mine and then went after my brother. How he even found out…

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Cyberbullying Is A Serious Crime! (5/10/2019) 

In recent weeks and months, I've been a target of several people and organizations who's defamed me, made up multiple lies about me and has pushed it too far to the point where my girlfriend, Amy, of 3 years, committed suicide because she was cyberbullied by similar or the same people that has been targeting me as of late, and eventually, it will get to the point where I may end up committing suicide. 

With that said, I'm meeting someone next week to discuss further plans to check into a inpatient trauma…

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Studio Update (4/22/2019) 

Hey, it's been a while - sorry that I've been quiet with little to no updates, but as you probably all know, I announced on Facebook and Twitter a while ago that my website was temporarily shut down due to the fact that I didn't have enough money, but thanks to some fans who offered to pitch in and help me reopen the website on a yearly Pro plan with Bandzoogle, I was able to get the money needed from the aforementioned fans (that wishes to remain anonymous) to pay like, almost 200 bucks for a yearly pro…

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Bad News - Spotify, Google and Pandora Go to U.S. Appeals Court to Overturn Royalty Increase (Time to Rage Against the Corporate Music Machines - Trust Me; You'll Wanna Read This) 

Well, this is bad news. Guess I'll be pulling my catalogue from those three platforms to rage against the machines that constantly censor us, silence us, fight against us and keep us homeless, hungry, starving, poor and broke all the damn time. 

Spotify, Google and Pandora go to U.S. Appeals Court to Overturn Royalty Increase - Exclusive Article from Variety. 

This basically means that I wouldn't be getting paid the extra money that I need to survive on and live on as a independent musician, nor be able to…

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Studio Update (3/7/2019) 

We decided to release the new album here by sending out one song at a time through our digital distribution platform with DistroKid, and once all the songs are released -- we're thinking of releasing at least one song per week or one to two songs per week or once a month until the entire album's list of tracks are officially all out there for everyone to listen to. 

Due to the fact that we failed to reach our fundraising goal, we'll be doing payments one song at a time (thanks to a great deal that the

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Studio Update (2/27/2019) 

It's been a rough few months trying to finish this solo album on a extremely tight budget, but we're making it work here as best as we can. Anyways...

Let's talk about what's next for me and my crew from here on out. This is extremely important for you to read, so don't scroll and skip any of the parts here, no matter how bad or limited your attention span is:

  • First, I want to mention that while the recording/songwriting process has been slow due to being on a extremely tight budget and I'm mostly…

We Failed to Reach Our Fundraising Goal 

Thank you all for your support in the last 30 days, but sadly, we failed our fundraiser and didn't reach the goal in time. 

With that being said, we have other plans. Since Kickstarter isn't the ideal place for us to get the word out and that no one has offered to support it any further, we'll be promoting it on GoFundMe for the time being until further notice. We'll also be continuing to finish the solo album, and still working with Eric Reid of TBM Studios

Thank you all, and please follow us to get…

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2/2/2019 - We Made It To February (Thank Goth!) and Happy Black History Month (Studio Update) 

Hey, October here again with yet another studio update from yours truly. Let's get down to it, shall we? But first things first - the reason why I said we made it to February (Thank Goth!) in the post title was because the government shutdown was a fucking mess and I had to deal with a lot this past month, plus I was struggling and thought I wouldn't make it through with limited funds to afford to rent my current home in Colorado and to continue doing what I love doing with my life as a…

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I Had The Best Day Ever Today - Here's Why (1/25/2019) 

So, the Trump administration has fallen and now the government is reopened for the time being - hip hip hooray! But let's not talk about politics here. Also, for those following me, I'm anti-Trump, anti-corporation, anti-Nazi and anyone who's a corrupt corporate Democrat, plus those who are transphobic - y'all can fuck off. Anyways, moving on...

So here's why I had a really, really GOOD DAY. I hosted a live-streaming #AskMeAnything session and did a demo song presentation of what the new album will be…

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A Inspiring and Soul-Baring Journey to Release a New Album Kickstarter Campaign (1/18/2019) 

Hi, I'm a genderqueer/trans woman who's a indie musician/singer-songwriter in a self-titled solo project. I travel all over the world, promoting my music, playing new gigs whenever I can, even though I'm based in Denver. Regardless, I travel in most countries, so yeah, it's a good life. Anyways, moving on. You already know me, especially since I post occasional blog/vlog updates with you all here anyway - LOL. 

This campaign that I launched is attempting to reach a total of $4200 in a matter of 30 days to…

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