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So, after reviewing Patreon's fuck-ups and the mistakes they made, I discovered that recently after joining Ko-Fi as a Ko-Fi Gold member for only $6 a month as a content creator, Ko-Fi will NOT charge me a fee to withdraw money per month and will not charge you a fee to pledge $1 or more a month. 

Let me explain how this will work. See, with Patreon, I'd get charged 25 cents every month just to withdraw what I'm making here from monthly subscriptions (thanks again, y'all, for supporting my music! I love you!) directly to my bank account. But if I were to withdraw and transfer it to my PayPal, Patreon would charge me 10% of what I'm making here. For example, right now, I'm making a total of $13 from all of you. Thanks so much for that, BTW - you are all so awesome! High-fives all around! Anyways, so $13 - 10% every month is like, what, $12.50 or something? Not good, right? 

Then, if I was making $100 or more a month, it'd still cost me 25 cents to withdraw directly to my bank account from Patreon here, but here's the shocker. With withdrawals from Patreon to PayPal, it's $20 max. That fucking pisses me off, and should piss you off. Here's why: did you know that some of you who's pledged $1 a month is being charged like $1.38 or $1.50 a month, right? No? You didn't know that? Well, shocker - I didn't either until the changes went into effect then it was too late. Now, for those pledging outside of the usual monthly subscription tier plan that I have here on Patreon like $5 or $10 or $15 a month, you'd get charged an extra 30-50 cents with that $5, $10 or $15 a month, and Patreon is forcing you basically, just to pay the additional fees of "allowing me to make more than 90% of my profits", which is total bullshit. 

So, you're all in agreement with me, right? I know you are. You're incensed! Why should we have to be charged extra fees just to make sure that you're paying exactly what you pledge per month and that I get paid exactly what I'm owed from total pledges per month, huh? Capitalism, am I right? Well.... that's all about to end, starting this summer. 

In the next few months, I'll be posting less on Patreon and transferring everything over back to Bandcamp and to Ko-Fi, because for the first time ever.... Ko-Fi is allowing me to charge my fans exactly what you pledge per month. Which means you only literally pay $1 exactly a month (or more, if you wanna afford to pledge more) and not be charge a fee at all. In fact, two of my superfans are pledging right now $100 a month and the second aforementioned superfan is pledging $15 a month. And they both confirmed that they were not charged an extra fee at all for their $100 and $15 a month pledges on Ko-Fi. And best of all? I don't get charged to pay any fees just to get a total of what I'm getting right now, $115 a month. It goes directly to my bank account, and I'm a happy girl, a happy indie musician/singer-songwriter and a happy rocker. And you're happy too, because you get to do all this and not have to worry about extra fees or hidden fees anymore. 

Let's break free from capitalism and give power back to you, the fans and to content creators, musicians, artists, writers, poets, filmmakers, etc. like me and so many others out there, by moving to Ko-Fi. 

Also, did I mention that Bandcamp does not charge you any fees either on any one of my 3 monthly tier plans of $3, $5 or $10 a month? I don't even get charged a fee to withdraw money every month either. How fucking awesome is that??? You can join Bandcamp right now by clicking here to pledge any one of those exact three amounts and get all my behind-the-scenes content, discounted prices off my merchandise, my music and more, or just click on the link here to go to Ko-Fi and pay exactly what you can afford to pledge every month! This is AWESOME! 

Anyways, see y'all later. Got more to do in the studio for the new album, and I'll have more good news for you to share later on. Stay tuned for more details to come. 


Re: Patreon's Shitstorm with Payment Processors and The Profiteers Who Ran This Corporation to the Ground (and What's Next for October Evans fanclub members) 

Now this is a story about how Patreon basically fucked up big time. Okay, before I go any further, I wanted to say I love what Patreon has done for me and everything, but the last few days was just unacceptable. This never happened to me before in the last few months of running my Patreon fanclub platform for y'all, and you know I love all my fans, but putting me and my fans at risk with payment processors, and not to mention the fact that it almost derailed my monthly expenses trying to keep my independent music career afloat? Yeah, that's not cool, Patreon. You know it ain't. 

That said, I wanted to add that Patreon and their payment processors that they've chosen to team up with are literally corporate profiteers at the top sitting comfy in their headquarters somewhere in San Francisco (or at least in Silicon Valley, if we're gonna assume that is where they're at) while ripping me and all of you off. It was supposed to be affordable and simply just $1 a month so that all of y'all can continue to build my fanbase up, support my music and get all the benefits/rewards that goes with what I'm offering to you for just one awesome dollar a month. 

Bandcamp is a little pricier, yes, and it's $3, $5 and $10 a month, but Bandcamp doesn't have the ability for me to live-stream acoustic shows or kickass behind-the-scenes studio/tour vlog webisodes, nor does it have the ability to allow me to charge my fans just $1 a month. And that's hard to find. 

Someone on Twitter once said something very important about Patreon - give it a read here. That really resonated with me in so many ways on so many levels. Here's why: we live in an oligarchy now, right here in America under fascists and corporations who owns said fascists that runs both the DNC and the GOP. It was never a two-party system to begin with, and the fact that many are waking and a recent video confirming that Trump voters are turning on Trump and leaving the GOP voter bloc/base, it's a good sign that both parties' voters and all American citizens, along with its immigrants and many minorities/marginalized communities (I'm in some of those communities myself) are fucking fed up and about to invoke a clause from the U.S. Constitution that our Founding Fathers wrote, and it does say that in the Constitution that if the American people has found its own government officials and representatives, including the POTUS and VP, tyrannical, we will legally overthrow them all. And we have that power. And to add a special note, no I never voted for Trump or any of the GOP. I voted Democrat and Independent/Green Party, and I am a far-left Independent Progressive (with a touch of punk rock Anarchist - the peaceful/non-violent/activist type_. I want universal healthcare for all, affordable housing, Universal Basic Income, increase the benefits for SSI/SSDI/EBT-SNAP-Food Stamps recipients, everyone to have the ability to be able to retire with dignity, LGBTIQQA+ rights, life-saving, gender affirming healthcare/surgery treatments for any and all trans, genderqueer, non-binary, etc. folk, clean energy (no oil and no nuclear - let's go solar or install windmills and so forth), saving the environment from total destruction, helping the animals, etc., and more - I'm even a strong advocate for common-sense gun safety/universal background checks, lower prescription costs (and the ability to go to Canada to buy such medications), net neutrality protections, free internet, etc. - you get the idea. MANY GREAT PROGRESSIVE IDEALS that can turn into policies if we work hard enough to get the people we voted for that are similar to AOC and other true progressives (stop voting the corporate Democrats and the Nazi GOP) in every single political seat in the country, we would then overthrow the U.S. government and install in place all the aforementioned left/far-left progressives in office. Think about that for a moment and let it sink in. 

And the fact that Patreon is generating value from its Wall Street investors, thus making it even more difficult for me and so many other content creators out there, proves that we cannot survive or thrive or even have the best of both paths. It's a feast-or-famine country we are living in, and it's about to get worse before it gets better. That being said, even with the awakening of many people happening in the aforementioned video that I just talked about, and the fucking awful shitstorm of the SOTU (State of the Union) that happened last night (I wanted to throw up, no lie), and everything else going on from the Transgender military ban to immigrants dying in camps held and operated by ICE and CBP sadists, etc., it's time for a change. 

I will continue to use Patreon and promote as much as I can, but sooner or later, Patreon will go out of business, and that leaves me with Ko-Fi and Bandcamp and of course, my official website. I'm also in the process of creating a similar fanclub platform and use their ideas/features they presented so far (like YouTube live-streaming/Crowdcast, being able to link videos and music from other platforms into the site, sharing photos and updates, and so much more) where you can continue to afford to pledge $1 a month, and I will continue to use Ko-Fi and Bandcamp as long as I can as well for those who can afford to spend a little more than $1 a month. This way, both of best worlds, and all the rich and not-so-rich and middle class and lower middle class and all marginalized/oppressed communities can afford to support me on the official website's upcoming brand new fanclub platform and the Ko-Fi/Bandcamp platforms once Patreon is gone. 

In the end, it will pay off well in the long run and it will become amazing. Those who are only able to afford $1 a month will join that new fan-club platform, and those who can afford more than $1 a month can join me on Ko-Fi and Bandcamp. Also, another way you can stream my music (mostly for free, unless you signed up for an Apple/iTunes membership and a Spotify Premium plan of $9.99 a month or whatever it is now) so that I can continue to earn more directly to my DistroKid earnings account every month or every 2-3 months (depending on their payment delivery) is via Spotify and iTunes/Apple Music. I'm also on all other platforms, including Napster, Tidal, Deezer Music, etc., and I still use Google Play/YouTube Music and Amazon Music, so you can buy my music directly this way, along with direct payments to buy any of my music, merch, concert tickets, etc. from my official website as well. Regardless, we'll all gonna be okay when Patreon goes bye-bye. 

I don't want y'all to freak out or worry just yet. Sooner or later, it will all come together. In the meantime, stay subscribed to all my updates, follow me on social media (you can find all the links in one place by going here) and please subscribe to my YouTube channel. It helps grow my fanbase. Thank you! 


2/2/2019 - We Made It To February (Thank Goth!) and Happy Black History Month (Studio Update) 

Hey, October here again with yet another studio update from yours truly. Let's get down to it, shall we? But first things first - the reason why I said we made it to February (Thank Goth!) in the post title was because the government shutdown was a fucking mess and I had to deal with a lot this past month, plus I was struggling and thought I wouldn't make it through with limited funds to afford to rent my current home in Colorado and to continue doing what I love doing with my life as a transgender/genderqueer musician.

Also, I wanted to shout out to all my Queer/Trans People of Color and wish you all a Happy Black History Month. Keep fighting the good fight, and never let the Nazis/white supremacists tear you down. Y'all got this! And if you need an ally, I'm always here for you. One Love to you all, and also my heart goes out to Jussie Smollett in the recent attack that he survived at the hands of white supremacists. It sickens me and haunts me to still hear about hate crimes against LGBTIQQA+ people and LGBTIQQA+ People of Color (PoC) happening again like it did 40 years ago and still continues to happen in this day and age. Chicago Police didn't find any "evidence" and therefore, I believe and wholeheartedly feel that Chicago Police is corrupt and is trying to cover it up by damaging all the video and potential photographic evidence that could've held those two white supremacists accountable and brought to justice. It is not a possible or potential hate crime - IT IS A HATE CRIME. The fact that the corporate media outlets chose to spin it that way is fucking sick and the media outlets should be condemned for lying and using a bullshit cover-up story to try to make it look like they are letting the attackers get away with this scot-free. Well, not on my watch!

For as long as I continue to breathe and fight the good fight, I will continue to promote and hold all white supremacists, its associates, police departments, etc. accountable until there is justice for Jussie Smollett and every single LGBTIQQA+ Person of Color in America. This should not be allowed, and it will be something I plan on talking about in upcoming albums yet to be made in the years to come. I'm very political but I'm far-left and progressive. That said, I believe radical change needs to happen now - fuck the DNC and the GOP with their corruption and broken capitalistic system and their oligarchic incremental "changes" - the time is now to rise up in the revolution! Anyways, enough political ranting for the time being - let's move on.

As of late, I've had to re-evaluate the Kickstarter campaign that I recently promoted for the last month or so, and with only 14 days left to go, it got me wondering what went wrong with the campaign and what could've been done to make it better and an reality next time around. Unfortunately, even with all the guidelines and tips to get crowdfunding support to go smoothly, the Kickstarter campaign to fund my brand new solo album is about to go kaput, unless people managed to donate a lot of money with 14 days left to go.

That said, I will be attempting this again via GoFundMe (which you can find here), only this time with no time limit (though I really want the album to be done by May 5th, 2019 and have it released on time for me to go on tour), a lower campaign fundraising goal of only $2,200, and keep it simpler than the previous Kickstarter campaign. This way, it's more attainable, realistic and to the point so that I can get the word out there as much as possible to try to raise funds to finish this amazing album.

Today, I got to meet the new bass guitarist to try out some demo practices, and he was the perfect fit! So he'll be joining me and Frank Woronoff (drummer) to work on the drum and bass tracks as planned for the new album, along with Eric Reid laying down the guitars, SFX/effects, and help me produce/mix/master the album in post-production at TBM Studios when I go up to Greeley to take all the tracks with me and get it done, lay down the vocals and fucking kick some ass on tour with the new album.

Everything is coming together, and I still need your support to raise the $2,200 to make all this happen. I'd appreciate it a lot and would be forever grateful. That said, I look forward to sharing more photo/video updates, some Facebook Live updates and so on via all social media platforms soon in the coming weeks. See y'all next time with more updates to come.


I Had The Best Day Ever Today - Here's Why (1/25/2019) 

So, the Trump administration has fallen and now the government is reopened for the time being - hip hip hooray! But let's not talk about politics here. Also, for those following me, I'm anti-Trump, anti-corporation, anti-Nazi and anyone who's a corrupt corporate Democrat, plus those who are transphobic - y'all can fuck off. Anyways, moving on...

So here's why I had a really, really GOOD DAY. I hosted a live-streaming #AskMeAnything session and did a demo song presentation of what the new album will be like, all live on Kickstarter, YouTube, Twitter, Patreon and Facebook. It was fun taking questions that was pre-submitted already, and fun to take questions that was written in the comments section while live-streaming, to talk about the new album, explain why the #Kickstarter campaign was so important and why people should #pledgeonkickstarter ASAP, but most of all, we raised $6 because of the live-stream. That was fucking amazing.

But it's a good start, and I hope me and my crew get to raise all $4,200 in the next 22 days to pull off the impossible, finish the new solo album and to get it released by June/July 2019 - and yes it will be on a FRIDAY. So rest assured, it will be a great time for everyone involved.

I'll be sending all funds to the studio musicians hired to help me finish the new solo album, and to TBM Studios to work with the great Eric Reid on the tracks and make it sound so badass! Can't wait to share more details with y'all soon, so see y'all next time.



A Inspiring and Soul-Baring Journey to Release a New Album Kickstarter Campaign (1/18/2019) 

Hi, I'm a genderqueer/trans woman who's a indie musician/singer-songwriter in a self-titled solo project. I travel all over the world, promoting my music, playing new gigs whenever I can, even though I'm based in Denver. Regardless, I travel in most countries, so yeah, it's a good life. Anyways, moving on. You already know me, especially since I post occasional blog/vlog updates with you all here anyway - LOL. 

This campaign that I launched is attempting to reach a total of $4200 in a matter of 30 days to finish the remaining songs of the new solo album that I hired a few people to help me work on in the studio here in Denver. That said, I'd like to share that it is near completion, and I hope with your support, it will help me and my crew get to where we need to be and have it ready for a digital and physical album distribution release through our preferred platforms that we work with to release new music whenever there's new music to release. I'm on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Deezer, Google Play Music/YouTube Music, etc., and I love doing what I do every day. 

This album is to tell my journey that's transpired in the last 10 years of my life, and has a theme of autobiographical details to share, social change and several other themes that may be a little too intense to talk about here. It's a 4-part album, split up into 4 different EPs. The first two of the album will be released Summer 2019, with the next two released by Fall/Winter 2019. In between all that time, I'll be releasing brand new official and lyric music videos for the singles that we're going to ask our fans to choose from to make the videos on and yes, we'll be touring all summer long! USA, Canada and parts of Europe and the U.K. - get ready for the tour of a lifetime. 

I'd appreciate it if y'all could share this Kickstarter campaign to help spread the word. The album is almost finished and we're raising funds to finish the rest of the album and have it ready for release by May/June 2019. We set it for 30 days to raise funds or we lose it, so please share this! Donations are appreciated - all costs go toward finishing the remaining songs of the new solo album with me and my crew, and all studio/album distribution costs as well. 

For those who pledges anywhere between $1-$50 on any of those reward tiers will get some amazing kickass rewards, plus did we mention that one of those rewards also includes free merch shipped to you, along with a Limited/Special Deluxe Edition of the new solo album as well? Yup - there's more where that came from. 

Thank you! 

A Inspiring and Soul-Baring Journey to Release a New Album Kickstarter Campaign [<< click the highlighted link to be taken there and share the link with everyone you know or to donate what you can afford - regardless of what you can afford, from $1-$50, you still get some kickass goodies in return for your pledges/support]

Studio Update + Running a Fan Poll (January 11th, 2019) - Entry #13  

So back at the studio here in Colorado, we got a e-mail from a well-known producer with a studio based in Chicago who offered to do a free mixing/mastering/post-production session on only one of the songs from my upcoming solo album. We all got to sit down and listen to it as clearly as possible, hoping that it was what we thought it'd be.

We can't officially confirm our decision yet (we will soon) but we're still talking about it. That being said, we wanted to give you a shot at listening to the instrumental version and original version (with vocals) to tell us what y'all think of his mixed/mastered/produced version of one of the new songs from the solo album we've been working on called Shades of Myself, from our 3rd EP of the 4-part album series that we're releasing this year, Letters to Salem EP.

If y'all like it, give us a shout-out and comment on the song with your thoughts on either the official Facebook page or Twitter account (we'll be running a poll on both platforms). Until then, have a good weekend. We'll be back soon with another studio update. Enjoy the instrumental version. You can listen to the original demo version by clicking here. We also are running this poll on Patreon as well, and it only takes $1 a month to join as well.

See y'all later next time,
October Evans and the Uprising Music Collective/Chiaroscuro Music Studios crew.


Studio Update - Entry #12 (1/10/2019) 

Well, we're off to a good start here in 2019 for our work in the studio. Me and a few studio musicians that I've hired to work on the new solo album has begun to come together and go over the demo material, lyrics and songwriting ideas of how we want the album to turn out and sound like. And I must admit, it feels truly exciting to do something amazing like this!

That being said, I also wanted to share with you some thoughts I had about the album. Given that we'll be working on it all winter and spring this year in 2019, we are going to need your support in making this album an reality. The concern is that we may not be able to afford to finish this on time for a summer album release and go on tour, so you all need to subscribe to Patreon for $1 a month to help me and my team here make this album happen, start working on it and release it just in time for the summer festival circuit that will be going on all summer long.

I'll also be playing a few local gigs in Colorado to start promoting this album as much as I can, given that it'll be a 4-part album, so you'll be getting each EP release one at a time starting in the Summer of 2019, and then by end of summer/early fall 2019, the second EP will be out and third EP will be out. Then finally, the last EP, which y'all already know as Hometown Diaries EP will be coming out in January/February 2020 at the latest (with the possibility of moving the final release to a Spring 2020 release, depending on how things will go).

So please join on Patreon today so that we can make all this happen, and make 2019 OUR YEAR together. Without y'all, the loyal and diehard fans, my solo project will cease to exist. Please support me, my crew and everyone else involved on this amazing journey together, all with just only $1 a month. You will get a LOT of great fan-club exclusive content, goodies and more. Trust me, $1 a month will give you EVERYTHING included in your Ultimate VIP Fanclub Experience membership tier plan/package, etc. - click here to go to Patreon!

That's all for right now - see y'all later with another update.


Official Tracklist for New Solo Album - Studio Update (1/3/2019) 

Happy New Year, everyone! Hope everyone's new year is off to a good start. Let's get down to it, shall we?

So.... it's finally official. Here's the official tracklist of the new solo album coming out soon this Spring/Summer 2019 (note to fans - the official tracklist contains 4 different EPs as part of the entire albums, so keep in mind when reading through the list):

Home Away from Home EP:

  1. 10/26/1988
  2. Small Town Survivor
  3. Alone on a Cold Night in Smithville
  4. Sleeping Awake
  5. Home Away from Home

Lost Along the Way EP:

  1. Drive (So Far Away)
  2. A Trans Daughter's Letter to a Religiously Transphobic Father
  3. Turning 21
  4. Leaving San Francisco
  5. Anywhere But Here
  6. Home I'll Never Be

Letters to Salem EP:

  1. My First Letter
  2. Shades of Myself
  3. Sovereign Salem
  4. Escape Plan
  5. Epilogue

Hometown Diaries EP:

  1. Transgender and Still Here
  2. Gone Away
  3. White River Junction Blues
  4. Late Night Diner Conversations
  5. Letters from the Road
  6. I Miss You
  7. Smithville
  8. Until Now

The first of the 4-EP solo debut album, Home Away from Home EP is slated to be released by late Spring/early Summer 2019, with Lost Along the Way EP coming out during the summer as well. The last two of the 4-EP solo album will be released at the same time around October/November 2019 or just in time for the holiday season come late November/early December 2019. Along with that, we'll be working on launching the official merchandise store, have a tour schedule in place and then see what happens next. We'll also do official lyric videos and official music videos for whatever singles we put out on each EP, so stay tuned for that to come.

Other than that, that's all the updates I have for now from the studio, and I can't wait to share more details with you all soon when it becomes available.

Namaste, Talk Hard, Rock On and Never Let the Music Stop,

Entry #10 - Happy Holidays, Everyone! 

Welcome to yet another update from the studio and behind-the-scenes with yours truly. Hope everyone is doing well, and for those having a very rough/difficult time this holiday season, just remember that I'm here for you all. My music is meant to inspire you to rise above and overcome the darkness looming over your heads, like a dark cloud that's following you everywhere, in the hope that you'll find peace, happiness, love and light inside yourselves again.

Anyways, so first things first. The new solo album has been progressing so well, and I'm really excited to share yet another single release to tease you all with, starting with launching it on Patreon first via my fanclub platform before I launch it everywhere else on all other platforms, including Spotify and iTunes. Secondly, I wanted to make an announcement that I'm moving to COLORADO! That's where I'll continue to finish the remainder of recording sessions for the new album while making a permanent home for myself there.

That being said, I am looking forward to 2019 and there will be some occasional updates and posts here and there on the official website, all my social media platforms, Bandcamp, ReverbNation, etc., and I will have those updates released sometime in the next 3-6 weeks, due to this being the holidays and all. It's going to be a busy one for me, that's for sure, with the move to Colorado, finishing up the rest of the songs, and get it processed for post-production, mixing/mastering, and having the album artwork, official photo shoots done, work on new music videos and then start booking gigs for my next tour in 2019 as well. It's been a great songwriting/recording process but holy shit-fuck, it's been a rough and insane 2018. I'm just glad it's almost over so that I can move on to bigger and better things in my music career.

I also have a really big announcement to make as well, but I'm saving that for a later date. Let's just say there's going to be some old friends getting together to do something amazing. That's all I will say for now. Until then, happy holidays, everyone and see you all later with another update.

Namaste, Talk Hard, Rock On and Never Let the Music Stop,

Entry #9 - Studio Update (11/2/2018) 

The end of 2018 is nearing, just around the corner, and it's been an insane year for me. I mean, holy shit-fuck... I had a few limited open mic gigs, one gig that I had to cancel due to medical illness, been in and out of the studio non-stop recording the new EP and debut solo album, on the road and at home tending to personal life matters outside of my music industry career, and it's just... fucking wow. 

I'm just glad that 2018 is almost over, because come 2019, y'all are going to be seeing some updates coming out with teasers, official music videos, new singles and more as we near completion of what was a very long 5 years working on what I considered to be one of my best works yet in the studio with such a amazing team of musicians, producers, engineers and so on. This has been long overdue, and I'm just so excited to finally release the entire album and an EP as well to all of you, plus more to come as well.

In other news, I just celebrated my 30th birthday... in a hospital. I took some time off this past month of October to do some self-care/trauma recovery at a local facility called the Brattleboro Retreat here in Vermont at their lovely LGBTIQQA+ inpatient program, and it saved my life. I was struggling with some severe C-PTSD/Depression symptoms and I'm doing much better now, especially now that I'm 30 years old, fully equipped (both mentally and emotionally) after years of therapy, inpatient admissions on and off and changing meds/medical marijuana doses, etc. to get the right amount to balance out my depression and to live a better life, and ready to handle flashbacks/C-PTSD related triggers (such as anniversary dates and certain times of the year that I can't handle living through, or that I used to not to be able to handle properly until recently), then recently returned back to town in Burlington to finish up recording sessions for the month before I return to the studio again by mid to late November and parts of December to record more songs for the new solo album.

I think this is probably the most honest that I've ever been lyrically and musically, and I feel it's something that the world needs right now, given everything that's happening around us all. It's time y'all listen up to what I'm about to drop on this here mic when the new album comes out. Until then, take good care of yourselves and I'll be sharing yet another update soon from the studio.

Namaste, Talk Hard, Rock On and Never Let the Music Stop,