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Latest News

Summer Tour 2019!!!!!

Hey, October here again. What's up, everyone? I'm back from a temporary self-care hiatus and have been feeling so much better today than I have in recent weeks, and I was just confirming a few things with a few people…

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Studio Update (4/22/2019)

Hey, it's been a while - sorry that I've been quiet with little to no updates, but as you probably all know, I announced on Facebook and Twitter a while ago that my website was temporarily shut down due to…

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Studio Update (3/7/2019)

We decided to release the new album here by sending out one song at a time through our digital distribution platform with DistroKid, and once all the songs are released -- we're thinking of releasing at least one song per…

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Studio Update (2/27/2019)

It's been a rough few months trying to finish this solo album on a extremely tight budget, but we're making it work here as best as we can. Anyways...

Let's talk about what's next for me and my crew from…

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We Failed to Reach Our Fundraising Goal

Thank you all for your support in the last 30 days, but sadly, we failed our fundraiser and didn't reach the goal in time. 

With that being said, we have other plans. Since Kickstarter isn't the ideal place for us…

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So, after reviewing Patreon's fuck-ups and the mistakes they made, I discovered that recently after joining Ko-Fi as a Ko-Fi Gold member for only $6 a month as a content creator, Ko-Fi will NOT charge me a fee to withdraw…

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Studio Update - Entry #12 (1/10/2019)

Well, we're off to a good start here in 2019 for our work in the studio. Me and a few studio musicians that I've hired to work on the new solo album has begun to come together and go over…

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Entry #10 - Happy Holidays, Everyone!

Welcome to yet another update from the studio and behind-the-scenes with yours truly. Hope everyone is doing well, and for those having a very rough/difficult time this holiday season, just remember that I'm here for you all. My music is…

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Entry #9 - Studio Update (11/2/2018)

The end of 2018 is nearing, just around the corner, and it's been an insane year for me. I mean, holy shit-fuck... I had a few limited open mic gigs, one gig that I had to cancel due to medical…

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New Concert, Festival and Tour Dates Coming Soon.