2/2/2019 - We Made It To February (Thank Goth!) and Happy Black History Month (Studio Update)

Hey, October here again with yet another studio update from yours truly. Let's get down to it, shall we? But first things first - the reason why I said we made it to February (Thank Goth!) in the post title was because the government shutdown was a fucking mess and I had to deal with a lot this past month, plus I was struggling and thought I wouldn't make it through with limited funds to afford to rent my current home in Colorado and to continue doing what I love doing with my life as a transgender/genderqueer musician.

Also, I wanted to shout out to all my Queer/Trans People of Color and wish you all a Happy Black History Month. Keep fighting the good fight, and never let the Nazis/white supremacists tear you down. Y'all got this! And if you need an ally, I'm always here for you. One Love to you all, and also my heart goes out to Jussie Smollett in the recent attack that he survived at the hands of white supremacists. It sickens me and haunts me to still hear about hate crimes against LGBTIQQA+ people and LGBTIQQA+ People of Color (PoC) happening again like it did 40 years ago and still continues to happen in this day and age. Chicago Police didn't find any "evidence" and therefore, I believe and wholeheartedly feel that Chicago Police is corrupt and is trying to cover it up by damaging all the video and potential photographic evidence that could've held those two white supremacists accountable and brought to justice. It is not a possible or potential hate crime - IT IS A HATE CRIME. The fact that the corporate media outlets chose to spin it that way is fucking sick and the media outlets should be condemned for lying and using a bullshit cover-up story to try to make it look like they are letting the attackers get away with this scot-free. Well, not on my watch!

For as long as I continue to breathe and fight the good fight, I will continue to promote and hold all white supremacists, its associates, police departments, etc. accountable until there is justice for Jussie Smollett and every single LGBTIQQA+ Person of Color in America. This should not be allowed, and it will be something I plan on talking about in upcoming albums yet to be made in the years to come. I'm very political but I'm far-left and progressive. That said, I believe radical change needs to happen now - fuck the DNC and the GOP with their corruption and broken capitalistic system and their oligarchic incremental "changes" - the time is now to rise up in the revolution! Anyways, enough political ranting for the time being - let's move on.

As of late, I've had to re-evaluate the Kickstarter campaign that I recently promoted for the last month or so, and with only 14 days left to go, it got me wondering what went wrong with the campaign and what could've been done to make it better and an reality next time around. Unfortunately, even with all the guidelines and tips to get crowdfunding support to go smoothly, the Kickstarter campaign to fund my brand new solo album is about to go kaput, unless people managed to donate a lot of money with 14 days left to go.

That said, I will be attempting this again via GoFundMe (which you can find here), only this time with no time limit (though I really want the album to be done by May 5th, 2019 and have it released on time for me to go on tour), a lower campaign fundraising goal of only $2,200, and keep it simpler than the previous Kickstarter campaign. This way, it's more attainable, realistic and to the point so that I can get the word out there as much as possible to try to raise funds to finish this amazing album.

Today, I got to meet the new bass guitarist to try out some demo practices, and he was the perfect fit! So he'll be joining me and Frank Woronoff (drummer) to work on the drum and bass tracks as planned for the new album, along with Eric Reid laying down the guitars, SFX/effects, and help me produce/mix/master the album in post-production at TBM Studios when I go up to Greeley to take all the tracks with me and get it done, lay down the vocals and fucking kick some ass on tour with the new album.

Everything is coming together, and I still need your support to raise the $2,200 to make all this happen. I'd appreciate it a lot and would be forever grateful. That said, I look forward to sharing more photo/video updates, some Facebook Live updates and so on via all social media platforms soon in the coming weeks. See y'all next time with more updates to come.