So, after reviewing Patreon's fuck-ups and the mistakes they made, I discovered that recently after joining Ko-Fi as a Ko-Fi Gold member for only $6 a month as a content creator, Ko-Fi will NOT charge me a fee to withdraw money per month and will not charge you a fee to pledge $1 or more a month. 

Let me explain how this will work. See, with Patreon, I'd get charged 25 cents every month just to withdraw what I'm making here from monthly subscriptions (thanks again, y'all, for supporting my music! I love you!) directly to my bank account. But if I were to withdraw and transfer it to my PayPal, Patreon would charge me 10% of what I'm making here. For example, right now, I'm making a total of $13 from all of you. Thanks so much for that, BTW - you are all so awesome! High-fives all around! Anyways, so $13 - 10% every month is like, what, $12.50 or something? Not good, right? 

Then, if I was making $100 or more a month, it'd still cost me 25 cents to withdraw directly to my bank account from Patreon here, but here's the shocker. With withdrawals from Patreon to PayPal, it's $20 max. That fucking pisses me off, and should piss you off. Here's why: did you know that some of you who's pledged $1 a month is being charged like $1.38 or $1.50 a month, right? No? You didn't know that? Well, shocker - I didn't either until the changes went into effect then it was too late. Now, for those pledging outside of the usual monthly subscription tier plan that I have here on Patreon like $5 or $10 or $15 a month, you'd get charged an extra 30-50 cents with that $5, $10 or $15 a month, and Patreon is forcing you basically, just to pay the additional fees of "allowing me to make more than 90% of my profits", which is total bullshit. 

So, you're all in agreement with me, right? I know you are. You're incensed! Why should we have to be charged extra fees just to make sure that you're paying exactly what you pledge per month and that I get paid exactly what I'm owed from total pledges per month, huh? Capitalism, am I right? Well.... that's all about to end, starting this summer. 

In the next few months, I'll be posting less on Patreon and transferring everything over back to Bandcamp and to Ko-Fi, because for the first time ever.... Ko-Fi is allowing me to charge my fans exactly what you pledge per month. Which means you only literally pay $1 exactly a month (or more, if you wanna afford to pledge more) and not be charge a fee at all. In fact, two of my superfans are pledging right now $100 a month and the second aforementioned superfan is pledging $15 a month. And they both confirmed that they were not charged an extra fee at all for their $100 and $15 a month pledges on Ko-Fi. And best of all? I don't get charged to pay any fees just to get a total of what I'm getting right now, $115 a month. It goes directly to my bank account, and I'm a happy girl, a happy indie musician/singer-songwriter and a happy rocker. And you're happy too, because you get to do all this and not have to worry about extra fees or hidden fees anymore. 

Let's break free from capitalism and give power back to you, the fans and to content creators, musicians, artists, writers, poets, filmmakers, etc. like me and so many others out there, by moving to Ko-Fi. 

Also, did I mention that Bandcamp does not charge you any fees either on any one of my 3 monthly tier plans of $3, $5 or $10 a month? I don't even get charged a fee to withdraw money every month either. How fucking awesome is that??? You can join Bandcamp right now by clicking here to pledge any one of those exact three amounts and get all my behind-the-scenes content, discounted prices off my merchandise, my music and more, or just click on the link here to go to Ko-Fi and pay exactly what you can afford to pledge every month! This is AWESOME! 

Anyways, see y'all later. Got more to do in the studio for the new album, and I'll have more good news for you to share later on. Stay tuned for more details to come.