Bad News - Spotify, Google and Pandora Go to U.S. Appeals Court to Overturn Royalty Increase (Time to Rage Against the Corporate Music Machines - Trust Me; You'll Wanna Read This)

Well, this is bad news. Guess I'll be pulling my catalogue from those three platforms to rage against the machines that constantly censor us, silence us, fight against us and keep us homeless, hungry, starving, poor and broke all the damn time. 

Spotify, Google and Pandora go to U.S. Appeals Court to Overturn Royalty Increase - Exclusive Article from Variety. 

This basically means that I wouldn't be getting paid the extra money that I need to survive on and live on as a independent musician, nor be able to afford to keep up with studio/touring expenses, and would most likely go homeless. 

I say it's time to fight back, rage against the corporate machines and win the day. If you're a true music fan, or even a true fan of my music, now is your time to rise up with me and a collective of thousands, if not millions of independent artists and major label artists alike (doesn't matter what genre or sub-genre you listen to, it will range and affect many of us from rock to metal, from hip-hop to pop and beyond), and be true fans to pressure your favorite artists, bands, rappers, singer-songwriters, musicians, etc. to pull their catalogue from those three specific platforms. Thankfully, Apple Music has joined the fight to side with us for the time being, according to the article, so we'll keep fighting until we know which digital music platforms are our friends and which are our enemies, draw the battle lines and begin the war to save the music industry from total collapse.  

Are you with me? Then let's FIGHT! Disturbed said in a certain song, "I'll be your reason to fight" - though I'm just paraphrasing here, but yeah, you get the point. We're your reason to fight, so let's fight against those soulless corporations who has destroyed our music industry as of late. 

See you at the front lines and Namaste, 
October Evans. 

P.S., this will not affect my upcoming release for the new songs off the long overdue album. Stay tuned for more details in the next update.