Entry #10 - Happy Holidays, Everyone!

Welcome to yet another update from the studio and behind-the-scenes with yours truly. Hope everyone is doing well, and for those having a very rough/difficult time this holiday season, just remember that I'm here for you all. My music is meant to inspire you to rise above and overcome the darkness looming over your heads, like a dark cloud that's following you everywhere, in the hope that you'll find peace, happiness, love and light inside yourselves again.

Anyways, so first things first. The new solo album has been progressing so well, and I'm really excited to share yet another single release to tease you all with, starting with launching it on Patreon first via my fanclub platform before I launch it everywhere else on all other platforms, including Spotify and iTunes. Secondly, I wanted to make an announcement that I'm moving to COLORADO! That's where I'll continue to finish the remainder of recording sessions for the new album while making a permanent home for myself there.

That being said, I am looking forward to 2019 and there will be some occasional updates and posts here and there on the official website, all my social media platforms, Bandcamp, ReverbNation, etc., and I will have those updates released sometime in the next 3-6 weeks, due to this being the holidays and all. It's going to be a busy one for me, that's for sure, with the move to Colorado, finishing up the rest of the songs, and get it processed for post-production, mixing/mastering, and having the album artwork, official photo shoots done, work on new music videos and then start booking gigs for my next tour in 2019 as well. It's been a great songwriting/recording process but holy shit-fuck, it's been a rough and insane 2018. I'm just glad it's almost over so that I can move on to bigger and better things in my music career.

I also have a really big announcement to make as well, but I'm saving that for a later date. Let's just say there's going to be some old friends getting together to do something amazing. That's all I will say for now. Until then, happy holidays, everyone and see you all later with another update.

Namaste, Talk Hard, Rock On and Never Let the Music Stop,