Entry #3 (7/26/2018)

Hey, what's up, everyone? I apologize that things has been insanely quiet here lately, but here's some good news to all my fans out there reading right now - the new solo album is ALMOST FINISHED! YAY!!!!

After nearly a fucking year and a half of working on the solo album, and the last 5 years working with my former bandmates on the recently released On The Road Sessions, I'm glad to say that it's almost over and that I can resume touring and making new music/lyric videos and do some appearances here and there. I've been working non-stop, juggling several careers outside of my music industry career, and running my own indie label with a new team, so it's been crazy times here but being busy is good, provided that I still take good care of myself when on hiatus from time to time. Otherwise, I would burn out.

Anyways, that being said, I wanted to tease you all with a new song from my Patreon fanclub platform that will be on the solo album, since I know you've been craving new music for a while now, but fuck yes, it's a new song, damnit! YES! It's called "Sovereign Salem" and I hope you dig what I did with this song. You can find here by joining the official Patreon fanclub platform today and give it a listen, as part of your many rewards and goodies you'll receive (both physical and digital items alike) via package delivery, e-mail or live-streaming online! Click here to check it out!

Until then, enjoy what I've posted thus far and I'll see you next time with another studio update.

Namaste and Rock On,