Entry #7 (9/3/2018) - Updates and Special Announcement

Hey, everyone, October here. Hope all is well with all of y'all on Labor Day, and if you're working on Labor Day, my condolences. Capitalism fucking sucks here in Amerika, eh? Anyways...

So the surgery to remove the thyroid cancer went well and I have been recovering here for the last few days at a local motel's medical respite program, which is contracted through Champlain Housing Trust in a collaborative partnership with the University of Vermont Medical Center, and I'm doing okay so far. But in other news, I wanted to tell you all right here - you'll now be the first of many to be aware of this: My latest new single, which is a demo version (but will have several different versions of the song as well) is coming out on September 20th, 2018!

That means you can now pre-save the single on your Spotify, starting right now! All you have to do is go to this link by clicking here to pre-save and it'll be ready in your Spotify library by the time September 20th rolls around. How fucking exciting is that?!?!

I hope you enjoy the first version of many different versions of this new single as much as I have enjoyed working on it, and I'm excited to share more updates with you all soon. Until then, happy Labor Day and take care.

Namaste, Talk Hard, Rock On and Never Let the Music Stop,