Entry #9 - Studio Update (11/2/2018)

The end of 2018 is nearing, just around the corner, and it's been an insane year for me. I mean, holy shit-fuck... I had a few limited open mic gigs, one gig that I had to cancel due to medical illness, been in and out of the studio non-stop recording the new EP and debut solo album, on the road and at home tending to personal life matters outside of my music industry career, and it's just... fucking wow. 

I'm just glad that 2018 is almost over, because come 2019, y'all are going to be seeing some updates coming out with teasers, official music videos, new singles and more as we near completion of what was a very long 5 years working on what I considered to be one of my best works yet in the studio with such a amazing team of musicians, producers, engineers and so on. This has been long overdue, and I'm just so excited to finally release the entire album and an EP as well to all of you, plus more to come as well.

In other news, I just celebrated my 30th birthday... in a hospital. I took some time off this past month of October to do some self-care/trauma recovery at a local facility called the Brattleboro Retreat here in Vermont at their lovely LGBTIQQA+ inpatient program, and it saved my life. I was struggling with some severe C-PTSD/Depression symptoms and I'm doing much better now, especially now that I'm 30 years old, fully equipped (both mentally and emotionally) after years of therapy, inpatient admissions on and off and changing meds/medical marijuana doses, etc. to get the right amount to balance out my depression and to live a better life, and ready to handle flashbacks/C-PTSD related triggers (such as anniversary dates and certain times of the year that I can't handle living through, or that I used to not to be able to handle properly until recently), then recently returned back to town in Burlington to finish up recording sessions for the month before I return to the studio again by mid to late November and parts of December to record more songs for the new solo album.

I think this is probably the most honest that I've ever been lyrically and musically, and I feel it's something that the world needs right now, given everything that's happening around us all. It's time y'all listen up to what I'm about to drop on this here mic when the new album comes out. Until then, take good care of yourselves and I'll be sharing yet another update soon from the studio.

Namaste, Talk Hard, Rock On and Never Let the Music Stop,