New Changes to the Website, New Crowdfunding Feature from Bandzoogle and More (6/7/2019)

Hey, everyone, October here with another update. I have some GREAT NEWS FOR YOU!

Bandzoogle just recently announced a new preset page template that will offer COMMISSION-FREE/FEE-FREE crowdfunding for the first time ever! This is really great news, and I've been one of the many vocal supporters regarding this matter, and I'm so glad they listened to me and so many other bands/musicians out there who's struggling to raise funds for their albums, music video projects and more nowadays, thanks to that awful PledgeMusic fiasco mess that the CEO and their team caused a while back.

With that being said, it gives me GREAT PLEASURE to announce that now you can fund my new singles, album releases, DVD releases and more, and from time to time, I'll do fundraising for music videos and film projects too, so whatever I'm crowdfunding for in any of my projects/ventures from music to art, from writing/poetry to podcasting, from filmmaking to vlogging and more, you'll have a much easier and more DIRECT approach to be able to fund directly to yours truly and support my life's works, my dreams and various projects!

In other news, I also made some new changes to the website, as I'm now merging all my projects onto one platform. Think Corey Taylor here - he does everything from voice acting to being in a horror film, from writing books and creating comics to being a magazine editor, from being in two bands to being a featured musical guest on other people's songs/albums from Korn to Kid Bookie, even doing a spot with Tech N9ne, from doing solo acoustic shows to just about whatever he's doing currently or will do next, and is a pure definition of a modern day Renaissance Man. For me, however, I'm the Modern Day Transgender Renaissance Woman, so it's pretty rad to be able to do all this onto one platform and not worry about where everything is at and it's easier to be more honest, transparent and clear/consistent here from now on. Each official social media platform linked to the website here will be the official platforms, and the Patreon/Bandcamp membership platforms will be updated as well.

You will see more music, poetry, artwork, films, music videos/lyric videos, photography projects, writings/poetry/short stories, a brand new official merchandise store coming your way soon and so much more. Granted, it's taken a while to build up a local and national (hopefully international) fanbase, but it's finally coming together after 20 years of being in so many different industries/scenes/communities, and getting to the point where I'm starting to slowly but surely become financially stable again - even after all the cyberbullying attacks against me, even after all the haters trying to take me down but unsuccessfully doing so, and even after having to deal with a psychopathic cyber stalker (lawsuit for defamation charges and several other charges he is facing is pending and will be announced soon eventually) who's harassed me, my fans, my friends, my family, my loved ones, my clients, my business ventures/people who works with me, etc., I'm still here, still standing and not backing down.

I'm going full sails ahead on this, mates. Let's rock the world with our revolution, together. Thank you for staying subscribed, being true supporters of my life's works, creative/artistic projects and never giving up on me and always believing that I could do anything I can set my mind to if I just commit. You've always had a special place in my heart, my life, my community and my world, so thank you so much. I look forward to sharing more new material, content and whatnot on Patreon, Bandcamp, the official social media platforms and here on my official website with you all very, very soon. And I'll see you on the road this summer!

October Evans.