Re: Patreon's Shitstorm with Payment Processors and The Profiteers Who Ran This Corporation to the Ground (and What's Next for October Evans fanclub members)

Now this is a story about how Patreon basically fucked up big time. Okay, before I go any further, I wanted to say I love what Patreon has done for me and everything, but the last few days was just unacceptable. This never happened to me before in the last few months of running my Patreon fanclub platform for y'all, and you know I love all my fans, but putting me and my fans at risk with payment processors, and not to mention the fact that it almost derailed my monthly expenses trying to keep my independent music career afloat? Yeah, that's not cool, Patreon. You know it ain't. 

That said, I wanted to add that Patreon and their payment processors that they've chosen to team up with are literally corporate profiteers at the top sitting comfy in their headquarters somewhere in San Francisco (or at least in Silicon Valley, if we're gonna assume that is where they're at) while ripping me and all of you off. It was supposed to be affordable and simply just $1 a month so that all of y'all can continue to build my fanbase up, support my music and get all the benefits/rewards that goes with what I'm offering to you for just one awesome dollar a month. 

Bandcamp is a little pricier, yes, and it's $3, $5 and $10 a month, but Bandcamp doesn't have the ability for me to live-stream acoustic shows or kickass behind-the-scenes studio/tour vlog webisodes, nor does it have the ability to allow me to charge my fans just $1 a month. And that's hard to find. 

Someone on Twitter once said something very important about Patreon - give it a read here. That really resonated with me in so many ways on so many levels. Here's why: we live in an oligarchy now, right here in America under fascists and corporations who owns said fascists that runs both the DNC and the GOP. It was never a two-party system to begin with, and the fact that many are waking and a recent video confirming that Trump voters are turning on Trump and leaving the GOP voter bloc/base, it's a good sign that both parties' voters and all American citizens, along with its immigrants and many minorities/marginalized communities (I'm in some of those communities myself) are fucking fed up and about to invoke a clause from the U.S. Constitution that our Founding Fathers wrote, and it does say that in the Constitution that if the American people has found its own government officials and representatives, including the POTUS and VP, tyrannical, we will legally overthrow them all. And we have that power. And to add a special note, no I never voted for Trump or any of the GOP. I voted Democrat and Independent/Green Party, and I am a far-left Independent Progressive (with a touch of punk rock Anarchist - the peaceful/non-violent/activist type_. I want universal healthcare for all, affordable housing, Universal Basic Income, increase the benefits for SSI/SSDI/EBT-SNAP-Food Stamps recipients, everyone to have the ability to be able to retire with dignity, LGBTIQQA+ rights, life-saving, gender affirming healthcare/surgery treatments for any and all trans, genderqueer, non-binary, etc. folk, clean energy (no oil and no nuclear - let's go solar or install windmills and so forth), saving the environment from total destruction, helping the animals, etc., and more - I'm even a strong advocate for common-sense gun safety/universal background checks, lower prescription costs (and the ability to go to Canada to buy such medications), net neutrality protections, free internet, etc. - you get the idea. MANY GREAT PROGRESSIVE IDEALS that can turn into policies if we work hard enough to get the people we voted for that are similar to AOC and other true progressives (stop voting the corporate Democrats and the Nazi GOP) in every single political seat in the country, we would then overthrow the U.S. government and install in place all the aforementioned left/far-left progressives in office. Think about that for a moment and let it sink in. 

And the fact that Patreon is generating value from its Wall Street investors, thus making it even more difficult for me and so many other content creators out there, proves that we cannot survive or thrive or even have the best of both paths. It's a feast-or-famine country we are living in, and it's about to get worse before it gets better. That being said, even with the awakening of many people happening in the aforementioned video that I just talked about, and the fucking awful shitstorm of the SOTU (State of the Union) that happened last night (I wanted to throw up, no lie), and everything else going on from the Transgender military ban to immigrants dying in camps held and operated by ICE and CBP sadists, etc., it's time for a change. 

I will continue to use Patreon and promote as much as I can, but sooner or later, Patreon will go out of business, and that leaves me with Ko-Fi and Bandcamp and of course, my official website. I'm also in the process of creating a similar fanclub platform and use their ideas/features they presented so far (like YouTube live-streaming/Crowdcast, being able to link videos and music from other platforms into the site, sharing photos and updates, and so much more) where you can continue to afford to pledge $1 a month, and I will continue to use Ko-Fi and Bandcamp as long as I can as well for those who can afford to spend a little more than $1 a month. This way, both of best worlds, and all the rich and not-so-rich and middle class and lower middle class and all marginalized/oppressed communities can afford to support me on the official website's upcoming brand new fanclub platform and the Ko-Fi/Bandcamp platforms once Patreon is gone. 

In the end, it will pay off well in the long run and it will become amazing. Those who are only able to afford $1 a month will join that new fan-club platform, and those who can afford more than $1 a month can join me on Ko-Fi and Bandcamp. Also, another way you can stream my music (mostly for free, unless you signed up for an Apple/iTunes membership and a Spotify Premium plan of $9.99 a month or whatever it is now) so that I can continue to earn more directly to my DistroKid earnings account every month or every 2-3 months (depending on their payment delivery) is via Spotify and iTunes/Apple Music. I'm also on all other platforms, including Napster, Tidal, Deezer Music, etc., and I still use Google Play/YouTube Music and Amazon Music, so you can buy my music directly this way, along with direct payments to buy any of my music, merch, concert tickets, etc. from my official website as well. Regardless, we'll all gonna be okay when Patreon goes bye-bye. 

I don't want y'all to freak out or worry just yet. Sooner or later, it will all come together. In the meantime, stay subscribed to all my updates, follow me on social media (you can find all the links in one place by going here) and please subscribe to my YouTube channel. It helps grow my fanbase. Thank you!