Studio Update (2/27/2019)

It's been a rough few months trying to finish this solo album on a extremely tight budget, but we're making it work here as best as we can. Anyways...

Let's talk about what's next for me and my crew from here on out. This is extremely important for you to read, so don't scroll and skip any of the parts here, no matter how bad or limited your attention span is:

  • First, I want to mention that while the recording/songwriting process has been slow due to being on a extremely tight budget and I'm mostly funding this new solo album myself, I feel it would be fair to me, my studio crew that I've hired and to you (the fans) if we were able to get you to subscribe monthly on Ko-Fi and Bandcamp. Your monthly fanclub subscription pledges would help me and the crew out a LOT, thus having a sustainable source of monthly income to be able to afford studio time and other music industry-related expenses, such as touring expenses, album distribution, paying someone to direct and produce music videos with me and the crew, merchandise manufacturing fees to Bands on a Budget and so forth. This way, we'd never again have to rely on one-time fundraisers on platforms like GoFundMe or IndieGoGo. The more fans that subscribe monthly on Ko-Fi/Bandcamp, the better it is for me and the crew to be able to afford to finish what we started on any album(s), music video(s) and other October Evans-related projects from here on out in the near future or in present day 2019, etc.
  • Secondly, I really don't like using platforms like GoFundMe or IndieGoGo to raise money for every single album, so with that said, please refer to the first point I'm trying to make up there.^^^
  • Thirdly, it's really hard to make music, let alone afford to distribute albums, merchandise or rent studio time, make a music video, etc. nowadays in today's music industry, especially since the majority of indie/unsigned/underground musicians, bands, rappers, solo artists, etc. aren't able to get heard, seen or seek the financially sustainable type of support they need from their fanbase(s) and other people who may have not heard of them yet, and it's often censored or silenced by multiple corporations who controls those major record labels and has destroyed the industry in its entirety as it is (plus, a lot of people downloading music illegally and pirating/bootlegging them made our lives as musicians in the indie and underground/unsigned world extremely hard), so buying our music, streaming our music non-stop, adding us to Spotify playlists and buying our merchandise, etc., helps us, but even if you can't afford it, it's always good to help us by word of mouth or retweeting us on Twitter, reposting our Instagram posts, sharing our Facebook posts, etc. - free promoting and advertising from the fans who like the music we make and what we do for a living is our way of thanking you for getting the word out and be able to grow our fanbase(s) organically and to get as many people as we can supporting the dreams we chase as indie/underground/unsigned musicians.
  • And finally, and I really can't stress this enough - do you even have any idea how much it costs to make a album in a decent studio space nowadays, let alone the costs of renting a rehearsal space to practice our music and memorize it by heart before entering any studio to record an single or EP or a full-length album or entering any club/venue/arena to perform our set(s) to the thousands or millions who buys tickets to see our shows? It's insane!

So as you can see, everything we do in a unfortunately fundamentally broken, flawed and corrupt capitalist oligarchy and failed economy here in America as struggling and starving artists living on the fringes of a broken economic system, slipping through the cracks along with the rest of the disappearing middle class, oftentimes lead amazing and talented artists, rappers, bands, etc. to be homeless, struggle to pay for their rent/bills/internet, feed their kids, keep a roof over their heads and clothing on their backs, pay for college that they can't afford to go to, healthcare that they can't afford, etc. I'm going to tell you something - I'm struggling, EVERY SINGLE DAY. Do you know exactly how much I live off on every month? $1200 or LESS. The reason I added the word LESS here, it's due to the fact that I'm oftentimes just going paycheck-to-paycheck from my SSI/SSDI benefits of $938 a month, then there's my EBT benefits (which I no longer have) that I used to get of $198 a month (before the government shutdown back in January that affected my EBT benefits in a very bad way), and there's my streaming money I get from DistroKid on all music platforms (from Spotify to iTunes/Apple Music, from Amazon Music, etc.), including the money I get from song/album sales on those same platforms from DistroKid as well, and there's my part-time/odd job paychecks - most of the time, it's not even in a paycheck, but sometimes paying me under the table in CASH, and it costs me some 2 to 5 bucks just to load the cash onto my bank account with Chime or PayPal, etc. (I recently got a credit union account FINALLY, so hopefully, that'll never happen to me again), and I still lose money, ya know, just from withdrawing to pay my rent, bills, internet, groceries, my payments to Bandzoogle, Bands on a Budget, DistroKid, etc., once a year or every month (depending on how much I can afford on their premium payment plans that they offer) for me to keep running this website, for me to keep distributing my albums and singles/EPs digitally on DistroKid and for me to pay the company that makes all the merchandise, etc. - you get the gist.

I pay money to make money, especially in this shitty industry here in America (the music industry and the indie/underground/unsigned music scenes in other countries are a little better off than we are here in USA), and I've worked my entire life in so many blue collar jobs to make my dreams a fucking reality. Did you know that being a musician isn't just one of my dreams, but many of my dreams/goals/aspirations? I've been in 7 bands and one rap group, for fuck's sake! All within 20 years' time - it all started way back when I was like, 10 years old. Then there's my plans to finish writing my new book, release more poetry/short stories under the Transgender Mad Genius Arts platform, release my first of many indie films to come (the first being my documentary film) with my new film production company known as Gone Sovereign Films, go back to my photography roots again and even get the opportunity to act in future films (whether independent or otherwise) as an trans/non-binary/genderqueer actress? I even got plans for launching a non-profit fundraising organization to raise money that will go to donate directly to trans/non-binary/genderqueer/two-spirit/Trans People of Color/Trans People with Disabilities in need! Well, that one is already launched, and it's still in its early stages since we recently just donated to the first of many trans people in need, and still have plans to grow as we go along to become potentially the largest global trans-inclusive charity run by trans/non-binary/genderqueer, etc. people such as myself and a few others. You can learn more about it here.

Anyway, my point is that it's really hard to get by, and half the time I don't even break even on album sales, let alone streaming royalties I get via DistroKid... so if you do care about queer/trans musicians, especially those like myself, and you care about the future of our music industry and our country by going as far left-wing/progressive as possible that finally benefits the 99% and heavily punishes/taxes the corporations, the rich and the evil 1% people, then consider pledging on Ko-Fi for anywhere between $1 to $100 or more a month (spend only what you can afford to spend per month) by clicking here, or go to Bandcamp and subscribe for just $3, $5 or $10 a month by going here. Either way, it will help me continue to thrive and have a successful indie music industry career without having to sign a contract to some corporate evil record label that will fuck me over and continue to make more amazing music for you.

That's all the studio updates for now. Well, except for one more ---

Most of the demos are finished in their songwriting/pre-production stages, and we recorded a lot of the demos so now it's up to my crew to finish the rest of it to make it sound better and more clearer than ever, then move forward with recording the vocals and post-production/mixing/mastering work in the studio. We should be expected to finish this album on time by May 2019. Have a good day/evening, everyone and we'll be back with another update again soon.