Studio Update + Running a Fan Poll (January 11th, 2019) - Entry #13 

So back at the studio here in Colorado, we got a e-mail from a well-known producer with a studio based in Chicago who offered to do a free mixing/mastering/post-production session on only one of the songs from my upcoming solo album. We all got to sit down and listen to it as clearly as possible, hoping that it was what we thought it'd be.

We can't officially confirm our decision yet (we will soon) but we're still talking about it. That being said, we wanted to give you a shot at listening to the instrumental version and original version (with vocals) to tell us what y'all think of his mixed/mastered/produced version of one of the new songs from the solo album we've been working on called Shades of Myself, from our 3rd EP of the 4-part album series that we're releasing this year, Letters to Salem EP.

If y'all like it, give us a shout-out and comment on the song with your thoughts on either the official Facebook page or Twitter account (we'll be running a poll on both platforms). Until then, have a good weekend. We'll be back soon with another studio update. Enjoy the instrumental version. You can listen to the original demo version by clicking here. We also are running this poll on Patreon as well, and it only takes $1 a month to join as well.

See y'all later next time,
October Evans and the Uprising Music Collective/Chiaroscuro Music Studios crew.