Update Re: Recent Cyberbullying Attacks and a Temporary Self-Care Hiatus

As you already probably know, there's been a slew of cyberbullying attacks on social media platforms and via e-mail notifications I've gotten from my official website here, and the fact that this person, who I've exposed to be emailing from NYC by looking up the IP addresses of each email address that he has been associated with, is a psychopathic creep who's not only attempted and failed to impersonate me, but tried to impersonate a dear friend of mine and then went after my brother. How he even found out who my brother was by using his first name, it was pretty fucking disturbing, to say the least. You don't cross a line by stalking my family - that's a big no no, and will most likely enrage me. Trust me, you won't like me when I'm very, very angry. I'm not kidding.

But regardless, after today's announcement on Twitter and Facebook, I've warned ALL my fans, my friends, my loved ones and even my brother and some family members I'm super close with to not interact with this motherfucker, and to report/block him at all costs. He's also potentially the same person who might have been behind the anon troll stalking on CuriousCat, as I've tweeted publicly several times in the last few weeks or so. That being said, I have also blocked him on my official mailing list (all four of his fake email addresses, added him to alert notifications so that if he tries anything or ends up being discovered on social media, we - and by we, I meant me, my lawyer, a local detective working with me on the case and two police departments both in Vermont and the NYPD in New York City - will be able to officially pinpoint his location accurately and track his mobile or other electronic devices until he's been caught), and also denied approval to all those creepy comments he tried but failed to post here. Yeah, I have it set in my security settings to prevent you from posting any fucked up, deranged or psychotic comments on the blog section of my official website - so you lose, asshole.

However, this is being taken seriously, and I've been alerted by some of my closest friends not to swear so much on social media or here, but I'm gonna try my best to avoid swearing, because it could look bad for me in the eyes of a judge in court once we get started on the process to file a defamation of character lawsuit, among other charges he's being slapped with to put him in jail for life, or at least a decade or two.

Next, I am also filing cease-and-desist orders, restraining orders and filing defamation charges against a few others who's been targeting me outside of my music career and in my personal/professional life (I'm not only just a musician/singer-songwriter, but I am a creative/artistic entrepreneur in other industries as well), and at least I know who they are, and that they will most likely be arrested as well at some point soon. And the fact that several of them reside in California, I will be having the orders issued and mailed to the only known address that I know of. As for a certain someone in the U.K., seeing as this falls under international law, she will eventually be prosecuted when the time comes. Until then, she's going to be warned at least once. And one other person that I'm filing defamation charges on is someone in Baltimore as well. I am not going to drop the names here, as it would be ethical and unfortunately bad for building a case against them all, but it will help me in the long run to refrain from going any further into details on who they are, what they'll be charged with, and why they're being charged with such charges, issued restraining orders and so forth.

Defamation laws, and in some cases like this one, cyberbullying laws, is taken seriously in most countries, including in the United States, and if you pressure or bully someone into attempting suicide (in my case) or successfully committing suicide (in my late girlfriend's case - her name is Amy - that's all the details you sick fuckers stalking my website will ever get - note: this is not intended towards my fans - you know I love you guys; this is towards the anon trolls/cyber bullies and stalkers, and chances are, it's all being done by one guy or at least several people - I will know more soon... anyways...), you can be arrested for that as well. The charges will be filed on my behalf by my lawyer soon, starting in the local courts of where I reside at this point in my life, then taken to state and eventually federal courts. There's talks of involving the ACLU soon, and that's just a local chapter of the ACLU that I'll be reaching out to with the assistance of said lawyer.

People actually get arrested for pressuring or cyberbullying someone to commit suicide, and there will be multiple arrests happening soon once I've finished with this lawsuit, because sooner or later, I'm going another organization that's been well-known to be right-wing white supremacists, TERFs and transphobic Nazis, and has been associated with the murders, suicides and cyberbullying/doxxing of many trans people (myself included, I'm one of the trans people), but I am not going to name the website/organization here, for it will expose me to be targeted some more and be sent death threats by said website/organization, and sooner or later.... they will all go down. The horrors of prison life and death row will be awaiting them soon.

Now, we all deserve justice. We all deserve closure, peace, quiet and serenity from the madness that is the TERFs, Nazis and transphobic white supremacists/right-wingers. And being that it's 2019, and we're in the midst of a very intense and emotional political revolution, especially in recent months/weeks, I figured sooner or later, we will be taking that site/organization down together. A massive class action lawsuit will soon be filed, but I cannot share the details of that lawsuit yet. Rest assured, it will be worked on soon.

Anyways, I have more exciting news regarding an upcoming event in June, some new music coming out and more details to be shared soon, but at this time, I want to take a few days to a few weeks off of social media and online activity on all platforms, including here, to do a self-care hiatus. I will be returning online to share said updates by late May or at the latest, the first week of June. Until then, enjoy your evening/week, and I'll be back soon in a few weeks.