Music and Lyrics by October Rain Evans
Mixed, Edited and Mastered by October Rain Evans
Recorded at Chiaroscuro Music Studios
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October Evans Music

© 2018 October Evans, Uprising Music Collective. All Rights Reserved.


[Verse 1]:
When it feels like no one's listening
While you're caged and helpless
When it feels like the world is burning
While you're forced into silence
And you wonder when you'll be seen
Remember that I'm right here on the other side breaking you out so you can breathe

Screaming into the void
But I'm right here crying as I pull you out
Screaming into the void
I'm not going anywhere - I promise you'll see America when you get out
You may be screaming into the void
But I'm at the border fighting until you're home in the Land of the Free

[Verse 2]:
When it's starting to look like there's no hope
And you're about to choke on a rope
When innocence is violated by corporate sadists
While you pray to live another day getting through this
You call out for help to get out of this traumatizing dehumanization
Remember that I'm breaking the walls down so you can live out your days in this beautiful nation


Wake up, wake up!
Can't you see they're dying?
Wake up, wake up!
Can't you see they're crying?
Do you have no heart to save them?
Where's your compassion, your empathy?
Bring them home to this nation, no raping
Fuck you, 45
Let them out of their cages so they can thrive


Someday, you'll no longer scream into the void
And you'll be home in America crying tears of joy
Hold on for a better tomorrow and breathe today
I'll keep fighting for you until my dying day.