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This is an instrumental version of "Until Now", completely re-recorded, re-mixed, re-mastered, re-edited and re-produced in preparations for the upcoming solo album.

We recorded this in two different places and had it mixed/mastered/produced/edited, etc. at Chiaroscuro Music Studios for demo production/music promotion purposes. The original version will come out in a week or two, and will be sent off to be re-mixed, re-mastered and re-produced once again to another studio with far better post-production skills than we have here at the studio.

I'm personally fond of this version so far, but I can't wait to hear what's coming out next when it's sent off to another studio soon. In the meantime, enjoy this instrumental version, and we'll be back soon with the original version release of "Until Now."

(No lyrics in this version)

Lead Acoustic and Rhythm Acoustic Guitars by Dakoda Tanksley
Music Written by October Rain Evans and Dakoda Tanksley
Lyrics Written by October Rain Evans
Trans Mad Genius Lyrics
October Evans Music [BMI/ASCAP]
Executive Producers: October Rain Evans and Shawn Jameson
Co-Producer: Lily Jane Jameson
Album Artwork by Transgender Mad Genius Arts
Recorded at Chiaroscuro Music Studios and Dakoda's Home Studio
Mixed, Mastered, Edited and Produced by October Rain Evans and Shawn Jameson
© ℗ 2019 October Evans, Uprising Music Collective. All Rights Reserved.