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Shades of Myself
Lyrics and Music by October Rain Evans
Trans Mad Genius Lyrics
October Evans Music

Recorded at Chiaroscuro Music Studios
Mixed, Mastered and Produced by October Rain Evans, Smith Carlson and Lily Jane Jameson
© 2018-2019 October Evans, Uprising Music Collective, All Rights Reserved.


Verse 1:
Crawling, bleeding for You
Submitting all I am to You
Screaming in pain, devoted to You
Pleasure, wicked smile I see as I give in to You!

Let me SHOW YOU (my fears)
Let me SHOW YOU (my tears)
Let me SHOW YOU (my scars)
Let me SHOW YOU (who We are)
Let me SHOW YOU (the lines on my face)
Let me SHOW YOU (the smile behind my rage)
Let me SHOW YOU (light in darkness)
Let me SHOW YOU (peace after sadness)
Let me SHOW YOU all of me
Shades of myself
Shades of myself

Verse 2:
Black heart turns warm, I trust
In You, I found love in submissive lust
Too long lost, drifting until torn apart
Rebuilt from broken pieces, I finally give You my heart!


Everything I’ve hidden
All the years isolated
This road led to You
Never thought I’d belong to You
I’ve waited forever for You to uncage my soul
Winds of change sifted me to a new home
Your hands on my throat
Your love in these ropes
Your lips on my transgender skin
Your soul matches my sins
My secrets are now Yours
I crawl out past the cage door
Bound and leashed to Your feet
You’re why I breathe…
You’re why I breathe…


Unmask everything
Soul baring
Take it all and rebuild me
Confessions of a slavegirl in love
Conversations under the stars above
I’ve found peace after all…