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“Home I’ll Never Be”
Lyrics by October Rain Evans
Music Written by October Rain Evans, Frank Woronoff and Eric Reid
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered and Edited by October Rain Evans and Smith Carlson
Executive Producers: October Rain Evans and Shawn Jameson
Co-Producers: October Rain Evans, Frank Woronoff, Eric Reid, Smith Carlson, Lily Jane Jameson and Shawn Jameson.
October Evans Music
Trans Mad Genius Lyrics
sadistsateme.songwriting [BMI/ASCAP]
Eric Reid Music [BMI/ASCAP]
Frank Woronoff Music [BMI/ASCAP]
℗ © 2019 October Evans, Uprising Music Collective, Chiaroscuro Music Studios and TBM Studios. All Rights Reserved.


[Verse 1]:
Everywhere I go, memories that never fade
Strangers I have late night diner conversations with
Passing through from Vermont to L.A.
We’re just going our own ways on the road so restless
Songs no one really listens to
Poetry that would have spoken to you
Rabble rousers no one listens to anymore that could’ve changed your worldviews
The art we created that may never break through

On the road, home I’ll never be
Their eyes can’t see the damage they’re unleashing
Forever wars rage on as I drive across Amerika
Home I’ll never be until we’re all free

[Verse 2]:
I play a guitar on a dark stage
Releasing my creative Post Traumatic rage
Standing somewhere on a street corner
I’m fucking for money, smoking away the pain of missing her
Hotel rooms and couches that I’ve slept on trying not to come apart
Truths written on the walls I memorized by heart
They walk around enslaved in corporate bondage to the Great Pretenders
When they wake up, I hope they’ll remember to overthrow the government so tyrannical


I’m going everywhere, anywhere, somewhere and nowhere
Home I’ll never be
I’m wanderlust, aimless across Amerika
Home I’ll never be
I’m the last of the Revolution
Home I’ll never be 'cause you took everything away from me

[Chorus] x2

[Outro Verse]:
So, as I write my final poem under the stars
I look back at all the places that I’ve been
Counting the lines on my face and covering up my scars in tattoos
Stories of my life and heart I wear on my transgender skin to share with you
Gone forever from this country as they brainwash you all
I’m gonna get out before they build their transphobic, xenophobic and racist walls
Home I’ll never be
Home I’ll never be
Home I’ll never be
Home I’ll never be