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This was a demo version of "Where We Roam (The Demons Follow)" - we did a rough demo take of it, and thought it was okay-ish, but soon we'll be releasing an updated and much better original version of this song. This is just a fanclub-exclusive demo as part of your monthly membership as our way of saying thank you for supporting me and the crew in the work we do as musicians in my self-titled solo project - we all work hard so that you can enjoy kickass music.

This song is about how we struggle with feelings of emptiness and depression in a world that's falling apart, and how we oftentimes wanna run away from the issues we face, but sadly, wherever we roam, the demons of our past will continue to follow us until we make peace with said demons. And also, it is a little bit political as you probably noticed in the lyrics, but it is rather fascinating for a somewhat political/hauntingly beautiful/emotionally honest type of song.

I hope you all enjoyed it as much as me and my crew has enjoyed playing around in the studio with this demo version. We'll be back for the new version coming soon that will be the official track/song for an new album.

Lyrics by October Rain Evans
Music by the Wanderlust Beatniks
Trans Mad Genius Lyrics/sadistsateme.songwriting/October Evans Music [BMI/ASCAP]
©2017-2019 October Evans, Uprising Music Collective. All Rights Reserved.


(Intro Chorus):
Where we roam, the demons follow
All alone and never able to escape our traumatized broken homes
Sleeping awake on the road
Restless eyes cannot close, denied tranquility

We lose our minds and try to find serenity in the shit we go through
We don’t know how to heal from the pain we hold onto
We travel aimlessly trying to find sanity in a mad, cold world
How we managed to get this far, we’ll never know
But someday, we’ll fall apart and let it all go
Fade into the darkness again, away from an oligarchy-controlled world

Where we roam, the demons follow (x8)

(Outro Chorus):
Where we roam, the demons follow
All alone, not able to sleep anymore
Writing all those letters we’ll never send from the road
We’re never going to be able to go home anymore.