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When I originally started writing this song, I was brainstorming ideas with the same rapper/producer/beatmaker who would then come up with a vision of wanting to write his rap verse and lay it into the song, and even though this was originally a break-up song, somehow it became a little different than what it was before.

This was recorded in the same basement studio in San Francisco in the early 2000s, and it was a lot of fun to make. I hope to plan on remaking, re-recording, reproducing, remastering, remixing and rewriting this song with a new rapper for the new generation soon. This will be a updated break-up song that anyone can relate to in the near future coming soon.

In the meantime, enjoy this choppy demo that was never released.


(intro vocalizing)

[Verse 1]:
Thoughts so overwhelming
I'm barely breathing
I'm so broken by your hate for me
I've become destroyed and not sure what's left of me

With dead memories in my heart
I'll be lost in time with you haunting me
With dead memories in my heart
I'll cry for salvation from your endless control of me

[Verse 2]:
A new day everyday with you hurting me
Sick of your complicated lies and broken promises
Can't get through this sober


[Rap Bridge - Mahesh]:
My mind is tripping
Caught up in the mundane
Materialistic possessions
Cloud my brain
More money more pain
Is what they saying
As they fly over me in their Learjet plane
Stressed out to the point where liquor sounding super duper nice
But I can’t go back to eating ground beef and rice
Cause locked in the cage is a waste of life
And a waste of space
As I force my face from a frown to a smile
Chill for a while
Tribulations and trials
Hardships as a child
Brother stockpiled
Guns but live in denial
Of emotions and fears
Masked with reefer and beers
Making songs crying tears
Posted up outside
With no prayers to God
Dealing with homicides
And at what cost
When uncle sam be the boss
Playing blacks on the cross
Life is not a coin toss
Cause DOD be with us
From hoods to campus
So let's stack like Vegas
So this move back to us

(You lied to me, you hurt me, you raped me - repeating in various background vocals)

You wanna know why I'm leaving you
It's because I'm tired of being abused and broken by you
I can't live with the evil in your dark heart
[Mahesh - I should've trusted my mind from the start]
So now, please let me go
I cannot believe, I cannot breathe


Stop using me
What are you drinking this time?