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Sadly, the lyrics for this song was lost in a wildfire in my old home back in Texas several years ago, and it was unable to be used for this song's lyrics section. However, the original message for this song was about struggling with depression, addiction and C-PTSD at the time, and how I didn't want to see daylight and just close the blinds and hide from the world for a while.

This will eventually be remixed, remastered, reproduced, re-recorded, rewritten and re-released as an acoustic guitar version with brand new lyrics to update on the modern day life of what it's like for me to be living with addiction issues, depression, C-PTSD, social anxiety and so forth, so basically the message will be the same, but the song will be "upgraded" to a much better version for a new generation coming soon.

This was recorded in a basement studio in a very small town I was living in at the time of its recording back in Texas - I had lived on and off in Texas throughout the years, and lived everywhere else in all 50 states and U.S. territories but for some reason, I kept coming back to Texas until most recently a few years ago when I decided enough was enough and that there was really nothing left for me there anymore. That state has brought me nothing but pain, grief, loss, misery, trauma and a lot of dead memories that I'd like to bury and leave behind.

Anyway, enjoy this demo that was never meant to be released. See you soon with a better version.


Lyrics unavailable - lost in a wildfire several years ago in Bastrop County (Texas). Will be re-written to a much better version soon.