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This song, along with its lyrics, was never meant to be released and it was originally just a song where I wanted to vent and get some things off my chest about a woman that I was once friends with but found out far too late that she was a very toxic person who manipulated me and played me.

I trusted her to be a good friend, and for some reason, I no longer felt safe around her, or even online when we chatted. So it came to an end, our friendship, and we went our separate ways. I was very depressed at the time of this recording and was contemplating suicide.

The lyrics is also unavailable, because after recording it, I wanted to burn the lyrics in a barrel somewhere, and that's pretty much what I did. It was cathartic, and even though this would have been a cool sad punk song that is also angry-ish, it was, once again, never meant to be for a proper release to the masses. It ended up being locked away in my music catalogue vault for years, until now.

So as a reminder, some of the content sung in this song was too extreme and too sensitive, so I would just advise you to avoid being triggered by what was said here. The recording is still not 100% clear, but then again, it was just a choppy-ish demo that was just not meant to be an real song and was just a way for me to vent at the time.

Music is and always will be a form of trauma therapy for me, and it has given me a many great year of healing so that I can rise above and move forward with my life. Anyway, here you go - enjoy.


Lyrics was originally burned in a barrel intentionally shortly after recording the demo.