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This was recorded in the winter months of 2016 throughout early 2017 in a basement studio, and was originally set to be released with my old bandmates from Wanderlust Grrrl, and eventually got shelved after the breakup in late 2017/early 2018. This will eventually be re-written, re-recorded, remixed, remastered, reproduced and re-released as a new version at some point in the near future.

The lyrics was originally in a notebook that I wrote in for years, but lost it somewhere when I was in the process of moving from being homeless on the road for a decade to my first ever new apartment in Vermont. But not to worry - it will be rewritten and re-released in a later new version sometime in the near future soon with my new bandmates from Imperfectly Human, as it will not be re-released under my solo project.


New lyrics and brand new version of "Give Me a Reason" coming soon with my new bandmates from Imperfectly Human. WILL NOT BE RELEASED THROUGH MY SOLO PROJECT.