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This was originally set to be a new song for the full-length album that my old bandmates and I in Wanderlust Grrrl was working on, but it was never completed and never got to be released when we broke up in late 2017.

The lyrics for the song was also lost in the same set of notebooks that I carried with me for so many years before making the move earlier this year in 2020 to finally be in my first ever apartment since having been homeless for a decade on the road.

This will be re-vised in a new version and the lyrics rewritten in a future release at some point soon with my new bandmates from Imperfectly Human. This will NOT BE RELEASED THROUGH MY SOLO PROJECT.


Lyrics originally written in a set of notebooks I used to carry with me for a decade, and lost them somewhere during the move to my new apartment in early 2020 before the COVID-19 pandemic began.