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This was a original demo that I was working on with my old bandmates from The Dead Generation Beatniks.

This song was about my regrets, my struggles and trying to heal and move on from the traumatic past that I lived through by going on the road, losing myself and finding out where I stand in this world, and I actually did write letters to someone who I once cared about, but no longer a part of my life, because she became very toxic to me later on.

So those letters were never sent, and ended up in a box that I had in storage for a while before Hurricane Irene came about and destroyed a lot of buildings, homes and even storage units. Those letters have since then been soaked and gone away in an ocean somewhere.

Irony, eh? Like a "message in a bottle" but hey, I'm pretty sure no one will dive thousands of feet below to find those letters. It'll probably be completely dissolved by now.

This song was recorded in a basement studio originally located in Austin, Texas in 2007 with my old bandmates from an old band formerly known as Dead Generation Beatniks, and was one of the older demos from my music catalogue and was going to be released previously, but never made the cut. Anyway, here's the lyrics to the song, Letters from the Road and I thank you again for all your support as I continue to work on brand new original music for my solo project - this b-sides/rarities/demos compilation album will be ready for pre-order and available for release everywhere on all music store platforms and music streaming platforms as well on October 31st, 2020, which is perfect timing because October 31st, 1999 was the year that I first started making music with my first band, Empty Existence and launched a nearly 30 year music industry career with 7 bands, a rap group and my solo project, and is the celebration of the 21st anniversary this year since my career began. By the year 2029, it will have been my 30th anniversary since I began my music career, and I will have officially retired by then in my early 40s.


P.S., Letters from the Road will be re-recorded, remixed, remastered, reproduced and re-released soon through my solo project with my new lead/rhythm acoustic guitarist as a solo acoustic song, and will not be featured with a backing band this time around.

credits |
Lyrics Written by October Rain Evans
Music by October Rain Evans, Lily James Taylor, Amy Jane Wilder and Shawn Devon Jameson
Mixing and Mastering by October Rain Evans and Amy Jane Wilder
Executive Producers: October Rain Evans and Amy Jane Wilder
Originally recorded in a basement home studio in Austin, Texas in the Summer of 2007
Trans Soul Rebel Lyrics/sadistsateme.songwriting/Deaf Grrrl Music/October Evans Music [BMI/ASCAP]
℗ 2007-2020 Chiaroscuro Music Studios, Dead Generation Beatniks. All Rights Reserved.
© 1999-2020 October Evans, Chiaroscuro Music Studios. All Rights Reserved.


[VERSE 1]:
And everywhere that I’ve gone
Everyone that I’ve met along the way
Words that I’ve said, things I’ve done
All the writings I left on the walls everyday
So, I packed my bags and walked away into the rain
I’m wondering if you’ll ever feel my pain

As I sit here locked inside my head, trying to write to you
I rewind the memories of my dead figuring out what the hell to say to you
All those sleepless nights in hotel rooms alone
Stages we’ve played on every night and day
Letters from the road
My way of letting you know that I was never okay
Just another way of talking to you when you’re not here
As I start drowning in all my fears
When I feel like I can’t go on, I’ll go on
The letters from the road that I’ve never sent you, they kept me strong

[VERSE 2]:
I’ve fucked up quite a bit along the way
I’ve lived through things that most people never experience
I wasn’t supposed to be alive after the shit I went through everyday
But I ended up writing to you while I was overcoming addictions
How I’m still able to remember everything makes me wonder sometimes
Just another song about my demons – will you hear me this time?


[VERSE 3]:
So, after everything we’ve been through, I come home again
Just to let you know I’m still breathing
I hope those letters from the road got to you
Come the morning after, I’ll be leaving home again
Thank you for everything
And for what it’s worth, I’m sorry.


And they kept me strong [×4]
While I have been out here all alone on the road trying to prove you wrong...