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This was a 2015 demo that I did with both bands, Dead Generation Beatniks and Wanderlust Grrrl - there was two different versions of this original demo, and neither version ever made the cut.

This song eventually got shelved, and is now being considered for a rewritten, reproduced, remastered, re-recorded, rewritten version since it had potential to be a really good song eventually, and will be worked on as a standalone single in the near future. The release date for the new version of 4 Walls is currently TBD at this point, and we will keep you posted on when it will be available in the near future.

This song was about a night that I spent alone, struggling with my depression, drug/alcohol addiction and flashbacks/memories that triggered my C-PTSD symptoms to a really bad night that led to me attempting suicide.

This song's lyrical content is triggering so please be advised that this can trigger people, and would strongly recommend seeking help if this becomes a triggering song for you to listen to.


The lyrics was among the many set of notebooks that I had written all my original lyrics in and was unfortunately lost during the move to my new apartment in early 2020.

The lyrics will be rewritten as part of the re-recording/remastering/remixing/reproducing process for a future release date.