Various Projects

Welcome to the Various Projects page, whereas you get to see all official updates, news and content/creations from the Modern Day Trans Renaissance Woman, October Evans herself!

October Evans is currently working on a slew of new projects outside of her music industry career, such as new documentary and indie films in the works, new art projects (paintings/drawings), new photography projects as a photographer, new writing projects (such as her book series, an autobiographical series, poetry/short story collections and more) and other creative/artistic ventures that she's embarked on, and you also can see more updates about her role as a community activist for several marginalized communities, progressive/left-wing organizations and causes/movements she strongly supports and donates to whenever available on occasion.

You can find any of her projects/updates being shown on Patreon mostly, but she will also post them here at least one to two full weeks AFTER they were posted on Patreon, so stay tuned for more updates/details to come and keep an eye out on whenever they're released here. And if you want to be notified immediately, please subscribe to Patreon on any of the following membership tier plans listed below where you can get certain benefits/rewards in exchange for your monthly subscription to said membership tier plans by going to the official Patreon platform here.

You can also subscribe to the official mailing list on the home page of this website as well to be notified of new updates/projects, changes, news, etc. Each project/venture will be listed in its various sub-pages underneath this page, so just hover over to the menu bar and look at said various sub-pages to check out new content/updates!